A few weeks ago I showed you this card in which I had added some store-bought tea bags.  In the meantime I spotted a couple of tuts for making your own tea bags, so of course I had to try them.


These are my versions to match the card.

The tea bags are very easy to make and my dh was my tester and he thought the taste was excellent.  You know what they say about store-bought tea bags “teabag tea is taken from the sweepings off of the factory floors. This is then swept up and processed into tea for teabags”.  That couldn’t possibly be right but it is nice to make your own.


All you need – “coffee filters”  and “loose tea leaves”  from the supermarket.


Cut the filter into a rectangle, leaving the sealed section at the bottom.  Sew up 3 sides, leaving the top open.  Fill with a teaspoon of tea leaves.  Place the thread you are going to use to attach the tag across the open end, fold the top corners into the centre and fold down the top.  Finally sew across the top.


Then make some tags.  Mine are quite plain but you could go to town with these – flowers, butterflies, hearts, etc.


Hope you enjoyed this little bit of fun.

Bye for now,