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Santa Tags

Well I have recovered from our busy weekend and now I realise that I hadn’t posted these tiny tags which I made last week.


They are little sweeties but I won’t be making them again because they are just to fiddly for my old fingers. 🙂 I have seen quite a few variations on the www and made my own variety using a die set I have had for years by Memory Box “Beard Set”. The variations I noticed on the web just used scalloped circles etc so you could easily make them with basic tools.


It is possible to put ‘to and from’ on the back but that would be all, they are TINY.  They seemed to all have their own special personality depending on how low I glued the hat, how close the eyes and which beard.  CUTE!

Well that is all for today.




A friend’s “at home” unique paper craft

Today I have some photos of a friend’s display of our Christmas paper crafting.  Many hours of work went into the day and we are both a little weary now.  My friend worked especially hard but unfortunately I don’t have photos of all of her beautiful work.  I wish I could show you some of the beautiful Angels are wreaths she made but unfortunately (or fortunately) they were given new homes.

We are thinking about doing it all again next year but it is only a thought at this stage because, like giving birth, it all seems too much work so close to the event, but I guess the memory fades after time.  🙂

Bye for now,



Little Glittery Gifts

I made these little nail polish holders a couple of weeks ago but forgot to show you the photos.


As you can see, I made quite a few.  The colours of the nail polish coordinated very well with card stock which I had in my stash.  With the addition of punched glitter snowflakes they turned out to be quite cute.  At the back of the bottles I added  ½  an emery board.  A full one was far too tall and looked unbalanced.


I must practice my cellophane wrapping skills, very poor, but luckily someone has volunteered to re-wrap them for me.


Here is the site where I found the idea –  CLICK.  I had to adjust the size because of the shape of the bottles but the original idea was from here (thank you).

Why don’t you try to make some.  They are quite easy and quick and most importantly fun.

Bye for now,


What do you call a HANDBAG?

In Australia this is what I would call a handbag, a purse, a wallet for a man and lastly wallet for a woman  (from left to right) –

Image result for hand bagImage result for purse Image result for wallet Image result for wallet

You carry a handbag with all your necessary items and put a purse with your money and cards, in the handbag.  If you don’t need to many extras with you, just carry a wallet.  Have I got that explanation correct?

I know that is not the case in all countries and that is confusing.  Why?  Well after this very deep 🙂 discussion I’ll show you some paper crafted “handbags” I’ve made.

bag2     bag1bag

I really need to clean out my handbag, there are things at the bottom which haven’t seen the light of days for a very long time 🙂   Better go and do that now.

Bye for now,




Who loves Toblerone?

Today’s project was to “gussy up” some Toblerone bars. Does anyone else think that these delicious chocolate bars are smaller than they used to be?  I do! Despite this I made some covers (without eating a single piece – well done me 🙂 ).


The theme is Christmas of course.  Love Christmas projects.


I can’t choose a favourite, well perhaps the blue bauble one.


I have made about 10 in total so I have had enough of this project and now onto the next.  You will see a theme emerging I’m sure. lol


Bye for now,


Little boxes

This project was quick and cute, 2 things which I enjoy. 🙂  I’ve made some little boxes into hanging ornaments for a Christmas Tree.  They are only approx. 3 cm square (1″).  I think you could probably fit a Ferrero Rocher in each but in mine I’ve placed some lip gloss in the form of cupcakes.


The colours aren’t typically Christmas but I’m a bit keen on this combination for the moment and am making several items with the black and white with a touch of red theme.


The lip gloss is adorable and fits in so well.  An adorable little gift and/or tree ornament in the shape of a teeny handbag.

This was such fun.

Bye for now,


Coffee Love ~ Altenew and Lace Love

Couple of photos to show you today.  The first is a little 10 x 10cm card I made for my SIL’s birthday.  We’ve bought him some special coffee and coffee pump as a gift and I wanted to carry the theme through to the card.


I used the Altenew stamp set “Coffee Love” with the addition of the coffee stain from a set by BoBunny “Stained Textures” which I have had in my stash for a very long time.

The next photo is of a tiny but adorable piece of Venetian Lace which I bought in Burano, Italy.


Sorry about the reflections but I’m afraid it was the best I could do with my little automatic camera.

Burano lace is very expensive.  I loved so many pieces but this little butterfly was in my price range.  Once we arrived home I had it framed and I am so pleased with it, it’s cute.

Here is one of the women who create the beautiful lace.  Unfortunately the number of women who can do this intricate work is declining as the young women are generally not inclined to this type of work.  We were told that each woman perfects one particular stitch and sometimes many women work on one doily or runner etc. and it can take weeks to complete.  Amazing!!


Bye for now,