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Archibald Prize 2016

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to visit the Ballarat Art Gallery to see Archibald Prize Display.

For those who don’t know about this wonderful event here is an explanation by the Ballarat Art Gallery –

“The Archibald Prize, first awarded in 1921, is Australia’s favourite art award, and one of its most prestigious. Awarded to the best portrait painting, it’s a who’s who of Australian culture – from politicians to fashion designers, sporting heroes to artists.

Since 1921, the Archibald Prize has been thrilling art enthusiasts, often stirring up controversy and always challenging the way we see ourselves and our society. Over the years, the prize has been awarded to many of Australia’s most prominent artists including Nora Heysen, William Dobell, Brett Whiteley, Ben Quilty, Tim Storrier and Fiona Lowry.

The Art Gallery of Ballarat is proud to be the exclusive Victorian venue for the 2016 Archibald Prize, which is a touring exhibition of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.”

Here are a few of my favourites.  Find out more about the portraits here.


Halloween vs. Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night)

Well I’ve finally finished packaging all the little goodies for Halloween.  It is so much fun making the packets, adding spiders and deciding what should go with what.

When I was a child (yes I know that is quite a while ago now🙂 ).  We were lucky enough to have fun on Guy Fawkes Night/Bonfire Night.  We would save up for “crackers” and go to “Coles” (not the supermarket, but a general shop) to choose our favourites.  Perhaps Jumping Jacks (although they never worked very well), flower pots, rockets, catherine wheels, volcanoes, penny bungers, tom thumbs, roman candles, mmmmm ….. can’t remember any other names.

Everyone in the neighbourhood  would collect rubbish, tree cuttings, old wood for months before to build the biggest bonfire you could.  Of course old clothing for the Guy.  The whole neighbourhood enjoyed their get-together.

At the end of the night as the embers were dying down we would throw potatoes in the ash.  Oh they were so much better cooked like that.

Next morning we would go and scavenge around the fire ash looking for crackers which had fallen out of bags or hadn’t gone off.  More fun.

We did have a lot of fun until some kids got hurt and the government stepped in and banned Bonfire Night.  Spoil sports.  Still I suppose some pretty stupid acts did happen.

Halloween is quite different but it reminds me of the fun we had as kids so I try and have treats for the neighbourhood ghouls and bones.  It’s a good way to meet some of your neighbours too.





Boo to you,




Oh yum – exploding box

Hello all.  Here is my latest take on an exploding box. (love these types of boxes).


I think they are a great little gift.  I have made a very simple “just for you” tiny tag to add to the top, and there you go all done.


Adding a few “yummy” chocolates inside – perfect for most people  :) .


You can make them any size so that you can add whatever you like to the centre. Here is another example of an exploding box which I made some time ago – click  HERE.

Have a great day,


Strike up the band

Today I have for you some cards using the very cute MFT stamp set “Strike up the Band”.


I’m a big fan of circle cards.  Don’t know what it is about them but they always catch my eye.  Usually I cover the top fold and make it appear to be a full circle but this time I didn’t mind the flat top.


My fav is perhaps the yellow.  Not usually a big user of yellow.  What’s your fav?

Bye for now,



Interesting weekend away

Had a lovely weekend with friends.  We were very lucky that the weekend was dry, which is unusual after the wet weather we have been having.  We headed off to Murtoa, which is north-west of home.  The tiny town of Murtoa had a special weekend with Show & Shine, Market Stalls, art and music.  The main attraction for us was the famous “Stick Shed”. Look here for information on this amazing old building.  I found out about this building from a dear crafting friend.  See you can learn so much from crafters.

On Saturday afternoon we went to Horsham for our overnight stay.  Coming into Horsham we noticed that they had an Orchid Show on, so we went along.  Very good, congratulations to Horsham on a wonderful display.  Here are a few of my favourites.

We then went back to our hotel and watched the magnificent AFL Grand Final.  So thrilled for Western Bulldogs.  WOOF WOOF.

Today we drove to Brim (you don’t know where it is? Well neither did we, but we’re very glad we found it).  These are truly amazing.  The last picture below shows the 4 silos and at the bottom left you will see the tiny figures of 2 of our party.  I thought that might help you to visualise the magnitude of the painting task.  Amazing!  Click here to read more about them.

We are home now and it has started to rain.  Weren’t we lucky to have a dry 2 days?


Music Score with the help of “Memory Box”

Hello once again.  As you can see I am still on the music theme.  I’m loving it, makes me happy.


I spotted the beautiful card which inspired me on Pinterest and you can find it here.


I added acetate and fun foam to the back of the die cut piece to add some dimension so the sequin mix could move when it is shaken.


The back panel was blended using distress inks.  The colours were Fossilized Amber, Twisted Citron and Pine Needles.

Thanks for dropping in today,


La-La Land and Stamping Bella music themed cards

Hello.  I’m still making cards following the theme of music.  Here are the next two cards


The first card features a stamped image from La-la Land.  I love colouring her.  This time I decided to add some white dots to her dress and hair band using a white gel pen.  The stars and also from a La-la Land die.


I wonder what she is about to sing?  Jazz, swing, blues, what do you think?  Perhaps something like  – “The Way You Look Tonight”  version by Michael Bublé.


This card is an image from Stamping Bella.  Had fun colouring this in, but didn’t enjoy the fussy cutting so much. .  Nice sentiment I thought.

Bye for now,