My sister and I challenged each other to make a Domino Book.  Neither of us had made one before so it would definitely be a challenge.  We are to finish our books tonight and publish on our blogs.   I’m hoping that she has had enough time to finish (I’m lucky enough to have more spare time to follow my crafty path).  If you would like to pop over and see what she has produced here is her blog.   I’ll be popping over once I’m finished up here.  Our styles are usually very different so it will be exciting to see what her book is like.


Well I’m back today with my final Domino Book.  (I’m starting to get a bit addicted to these little cuties, so you might see more of them).

Choosing a theme was difficult because there are so many which would work.  I went with “the beach” because I have many happy memories with my family and friends at the seaside.


I bought a sheet of domino images which was immediately downloadable here  I am very pleased with them.  I have purchased a couple of other sets from other Etsy shops which will probably be used in the future.    I covered the front and back with the trimmed images, then applied a layer of Glossy Accents and while wet pushed on some metal starfish  embellishments.


Around the edges of the dominoes I used Inca Gold.  Now that was another story ……. it had dried up so I had to search on the internet the best way to re-moisten the waxy paste.  An hour or so later I had the paste back to usable consistency after adding a few drops of boiled water and a couple of capfuls of glycerine. Whew!  After the gold had dried I glued strings of tiny half pearls and 4 tiny feet (bead cups) to the edges of the dominoes.


I cut a piece of creme cardstock 12″ x 2″ (or just a little under those measurements) and scored and folded every 1″ in accordion fashion.  Here is where I changed my method compared to my previous book.  This time I decided to make it into a little book rather than an accordion pull out type.  I glued the ribbon around the centre the the folds leaving the ends long enough to tie a nice bow.  Finally I glued the folded pages onto the dominoes.

I daubed some more Inca Gold along the edges of the pages the added the images and computer generated quotes (which I found on the web).


Here are photos of the inside of the little book.

Well I had fun but it did test me at times.  My fingers felt like “all thumbs” trying to manipulate such tiny items. 🙂

Bye for now,