cards and other happy thoughts

Using Brushos

I have a card to show you today which didn’t take much time at all, but the practice time was drawn out.  Just getting the right amount of powder and water was the time consuming part of the project.


First of all I heat embossed, in gold, the stamped image.  Next I sprinkled the Brusho colours Orange and Brilliant Red onto the watercolour paper and sprayed/misted some water on top and “voilà”.  When the paint was just about dry I gently buffed over the gold with a piece of paper towel to remove any colour from the brushos.


Finally I stamped the sentiment, which is from an old Verve stamp set “Beautiful You”.  The set has some lovely sentiments.

Bye for now,


“Quote” ATC’s

Another quick post today to show you the ATC’s I made for February’s theme “Quotes”.  I had a few quotes I thought might be okay – “many more fish in the sea”, “you have to kiss many frogs before you find your prince”, etc.  Eventually I thought “pride comes before a fall” would be the one to go with.


I have had this Mo Manning digital stamp for many years and I have used it before and still love it.  The stamp is called “After the Fall”. (I can’t find it on-line now, perhaps it has been retired).


This was the last month for our current ATC challenges.  Not sure what we are doing next.  Looking forward to whatever it is because I love a CHALLENGE.

Bye for now,


Flown the Coop

A quick post just to let you know that our feathered babies have “flown the coop”.


We didn’t even get to say goodbye. 🙂  I watched and waited and watched but no luck in seeing them go.  We knew when they were to go because the parents were sitting high in the tree outside the nest and used a completely different whistle/chirp to encourage them out.  Sneaky little things.

I’m feeling a bit lonely without their activities to amuse me.  Oh well, good luck until we see them (hopefully) again next year.



Today I’m a bit off topic, not cards to show you but a great little story.

As you would expect, I spend quite a bit of time in my craft room.  I sit in front of a window which looks out onto our side garden so naturally I see quite a bit of what is going on out there.  One day just before spring I noticed 2 beautiful Crimson Rosellas checking out the hole in our retractable hose reel. Unusual.  Because this intrigued me I went out to have a look and of course the bird flew away.


Adult Crimson Rosella

That night I told my husband the story and he said they were probably looking for somewhere to nest and suggested he build a bird box and put it up high on that side of the house.


That was 2 years ago now.  The first year the parrots nested and everything was going well until a swarm of bees thought that the box would make a wonderful home for the new queen.  So sad!  I rang an apiarist to see what he could do.  He came over at night and took the box, bees and eggs away to his hives.  Next day he brought the box and 12 little white eggs back but unfortunately the birds didn’t return to hatch the eggs.

Again this year the parrots returned but starlings fought them off and took over the box.  Starlings in Australia carry lice so are considered a nuisance.  With some encouragement from us they finally gave up and departed.  It was getting on in the season and no sign of the parrots. 😦  Late in the season a couple of parrots came back to check on the box and after a few weeks and and a lot of hard work by the Crimson Rosellas we are very happy to have some feather babies.

Here are some photos of the babies as they have developed –


It shouldn’t be long now until they fly.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if I was lucky enough to see them go.  I wish them a happy life.


“Tween” cards

Hello all, today I have 2 cards to show you. They are for 2 of our grandchildren. They are at that age where they are too old for cutesy cards but still too young for adult.

Here are my efforts to make “tween” cards.


The first card is for my 11 year old grandson who is right into all things digital and techy.


The second card is for his sister who will be 12 in a month’s time.  Wow I can’t believe I have a granddaughter who will be 12!!!  When we visit I often see her with headphones on so I thought this card might pass.

On both cards I have used MFT dies – “Headphones” and “MP3 Player”.  For the shapes I used Uniquely creative metal dies.

Bye for now,


Three Distress Ink Cards

Hello friends. Last week I decided it was time to try and get some inspiration back so I grabbed some Distress Inks and then wasted 😆 some time on Pinterest (as you do) looking for some distress ink techniques. What fun!

The first card uses the “splash watercolor” technique. (See here). The beautiful image is a Lavinia stamp “Chinese Lantern”.  The sentiment is from a set by Papertrey Ink.


The second card ( which I love) is inspired again by Loll here. Thank you for sharing this wonderful technique Loll.

img_5995 (2)

For the third card I used the technique I found here. I did struggle a bit getting just the right amount of water and ink on the back of the stencil to make a nice print onto the paper. After a couple of attempts I did succeed and went ahead with the stamping.


That’s it for today but I hope to be back soon (if my motivation continues).


My pause from blog land

I’m back from my break from blog land!  If you have been wondering where I have been and what I have been up to over the last few months here are some photos to explain.

Firstly we had a holiday,

We had a wonderful time.  Very interesting.  The flights are long and tiring but really worth the effort.

When we arrived home I had 2 weeks to prepare for a lovely annual Christmas fete I am involved in.  I had a lot of goodies prepared earlier but you know what it is like and there are many things which had to wait until the last minute.

Then Christmas of course with the family and taking some time to do other pastimes which I love.  Jigsaws and cricket for example.

That is just a quick synopsis with other family things like birthdays and friends in between.

Finally I have been making some cards again but I’ll show you them another day.