It’s the last day of the month and that means my sister and I are posting our challenge.  July’s challenge was “Star Books”.  My book is a rather bright, flowery book and I think pretty.


I have made tiny star books before but not one this size or quite the same.  This time I haven’t taken photos as I constructed the book but if you look at a previous tiny star book of mine I think you will be able to follow the instructions just changing the sizes (which I’ve listed below).  click here  The only differences are the size and extra die cut lime pages.


The size of this book is approx 9 x 11 cm.  The page sizes are:

  • cerise – 9 x 22 cm
  • dark pink – 9 x 20 cm
  • light ping – 9 x 18 cm
  • lime green – 9 x 16 cm
  • the lime green cover – 9 x 11 cm  x 2 pieces.


I added some shimmery Dark Room Door flower images “Pearlescent Paper – Pink Gerberas 12 Up” click here  which have been in my stash just waiting for this project. 🙂  I attached these to the light pink layer.  The quotes are stamps from Verve ‘Blue Skies’ and ‘Beautiful You’ which are old sets and I’ve used them often over the years.


Each page has a different verse and slightly different floral image.


By the way this is my sister’s blog

I hope this brightened your day.  🙂 🙂