I’ve been away on a short break and haven’t shown you any cards for quite a while.  I still haven’t any crafts to show you but I thought perhaps you would be interested in some photos from the Murray River (click)

Our first stop was at Koondarook.  The 5 photos below were taken when we arrived after 4:30 pm.  It had been raining but as soon as we stopped the sun came out. The trees were still wet and glistening with rain drops as the sun started to disappear over the horizon.  It was beautiful.


These photos were taken from the new wharf which was built recently.  (click)  The locals are very proud of the award winning structure.



Koondarook is a tiny town on the Victorian side of the Murray and is renowned for its red gum milling.  This huge log gives you an insight into its past.  Barham is its neighbour on the NSW side of the Murray.



We then travelled along the Murray, stopping at other small towns, Cohuna, Turrumbarry Weir and Gunbower, finally stopping at Echuca (click).  Below is a photo from the verandah of the cabin we stayed in at Echuca overlooking the Murray.


It was only a short break but with better weather than home, just long enough to rejuvenate us for the rest of the winter.

I have a few cards almost ready to show you soon,

Bye for now,