Hi all,  I have finally finished making some special little gifts to show where everyone could sit for our Christmas dinner.  Great idea which I found here  I have changed the colours and added name tags.


I have added the Cadbury “Breakaway” individually wrapped biscuits as shown in the link above.   Thanks for the fun idea Carolyn.  Yum……  I only made them for the adults.  For the children I have another idea (non edible).  I think they will have had more than their little tummies usual are used to. 🙂

Here is a shot of the back of the little box.


Are you all prepared for the big day.  I think I am, but I could be proved wrong.  The supermarket was very busy today but they tell me that Sunday will be much worse so I’m glad my food shopping is finished.

Have a wonderful day however you celebrate.

Bye for now,