I made these little nail polish holders a couple of weeks ago but forgot to show you the photos.


As you can see, I made quite a few.  The colours of the nail polish coordinated very well with card stock which I had in my stash.  With the addition of punched glitter snowflakes they turned out to be quite cute.  At the back of the bottles I added  ½  an emery board.  A full one was far too tall and looked unbalanced.


I must practice my cellophane wrapping skills, very poor, but luckily someone has volunteered to re-wrap them for me.


Here is the site where I found the idea –  CLICK.  I had to adjust the size because of the shape of the bottles but the original idea was from here (thank you).

Why don’t you try to make some.  They are quite easy and quick and most importantly fun.

Bye for now,