Hello all,  I am enjoying myself making little albums at the moment.  Here are a couple of very easy Zig Zag Mini Albums which I’m loving.


The first album is for my youngest grandchild.  I’ve used papers from Graphic 45 “Mother Goose”.  Love the papers and stickers which come in this collection.  The papers aren’t new but now is  the time to stop collecting and start using.  It is so easy to store them because they are too pretty to use 🙂


Each page measures 10 x 12 cm so it was fun adding little 8 x 10 cm photos to each page. I’ve only completed one side and his mum can fill the other side with more photos of his first year.


Here is the back, or is it the front, depends which way you open it I guess.


The next zig zag album is for a dear friend who’s dear pet has passed away.  “Albie” was a great companion, chatting away, for many years and his company is missed.  I thought that photos in this mini album might be a nice way to remember him.


I made the album and decorated it before I knew what colour Albie was.  Apparently he had a yellow head, black beads around his neck and his body was green/blue/yellow.  I hope something like the photo I put on the front of the album.  I was hoping he was a blue budgie, that would have matched the papers much better, but you can’t help that. 🙂


He was truly loved and much missed.


That’s all for today, so bye for now,