Just hopping by with a little Bunny Diorama I have finished.  I think it is so cute, but it was very fiddly and my old eyes and fingers struggled.  The end result is very pleasing to me though, so all worth it.

I’m sorry that this photo is very bright around the outside but that was the only way I could get the inside to be at least half-way decent.


I based this idea on a fish scalloped shaker card I saw recently on the WWW.  Do you think I can find it now to acknowledge the talented artist?  NO.  I’ve spent an hour searching – anyone know the post I am looking for, it was blue/aqua with fish.  I’ll get back to you when I find it.


The bunny scene is made in a little round tin with acetate lid.  You will see the side of the tin below.


In this photo I’ve taken the lid off the tin so you have a better photo of the bunnies and surrounds.


I added a strong magnet to the back of the tin so that it can be put on the front of the refrigerator for the grandchildren to peep into.


Bye for now,