You all know about kids having “play dates” well over the last couple of days I’ve had “play dates” with some crafty friends and I’ve loved it.  I felt a bit like a kid.

I forgot to take photos on the first day but today I remembered. Here are some of the things my friend made.

Going through my stash again and again trying to lose some of the goodies but I find it very difficult to part with a lot of my stowed (and never used) items.  While going through I found some candles and napkins so decided to give melting the napkins onto candles.  It worked beautifully after a few attempts.  My friend today is a wonderful quilter so we made an “Ohio Star” quilt style card as well.

Here is another little bag I found in my stash and decided to invite my friend to decoupage a napkin to the front.  Fun – well at least I had fun, hope my friends did too.


That’s all for now,