Well I’ve finally finished packaging all the little goodies for Halloween.  It is so much fun making the packets, adding spiders and deciding what should go with what.

When I was a child (yes I know that is quite a while ago now 🙂 ).  We were lucky enough to have fun on Guy Fawkes Night/Bonfire Night.  We would save up for “crackers” and go to “Coles” (not the supermarket, but a general shop) to choose our favourites.  Perhaps Jumping Jacks (although they never worked very well), flower pots, rockets, catherine wheels, volcanoes, penny bungers, tom thumbs, roman candles, mmmmm ….. can’t remember any other names.

Everyone in the neighbourhood  would collect rubbish, tree cuttings, old wood for months before to build the biggest bonfire you could.  Of course old clothing for the Guy.  The whole neighbourhood enjoyed their get-together.

At the end of the night as the embers were dying down we would throw potatoes in the ash.  Oh they were so much better cooked like that.

Next morning we would go and scavenge around the fire ash looking for crackers which had fallen out of bags or hadn’t gone off.  More fun.

We did have a lot of fun until some kids got hurt and the government stepped in and banned Bonfire Night.  Spoil sports.  Still I suppose some pretty stupid acts did happen.

Halloween is quite different but it reminds me of the fun we had as kids so I try and have treats for the neighbourhood ghouls and bones.  It’s a good way to meet some of your neighbours too.





Boo to you,