Had a lovely weekend with friends.  We were very lucky that the weekend was dry, which is unusual after the wet weather we have been having.  We headed off to Murtoa, which is north-west of home.  The tiny town of Murtoa had a special weekend with Show & Shine, Market Stalls, art and music.  The main attraction for us was the famous “Stick Shed”. Look here for information on this amazing old building.  I found out about this building from a dear crafting friend.  See you can learn so much from crafters.

On Saturday afternoon we went to Horsham for our overnight stay.  Coming into Horsham we noticed that they had an Orchid Show on, so we went along.  Very good, congratulations to Horsham on a wonderful display.  Here are a few of my favourites.

We then went back to our hotel and watched the magnificent AFL Grand Final.  So thrilled for Western Bulldogs.  WOOF WOOF.

Today we drove to Brim (you don’t know where it is? Well neither did we, but we’re very glad we found it).  These are truly amazing.  The last picture below shows the 4 silos and at the bottom left you will see the tiny figures of 2 of our party.  I thought that might help you to visualise the magnitude of the painting task.  Amazing!  Click here to read more about them.

We are home now and it has started to rain.  Weren’t we lucky to have a dry 2 days?