Hi all.  Today I’d like to show you my recent attempt at Jelly Roses.


These are very rough and I would make a few changes if I make them again with my grandchildren.  For a start I would be more exact with the width of each rose (as you can see these are all over the place).  To look more like roses I’d try tapering each strip.


I filled the empty spaces on the plate with grapes.  At this time of the year red grapes were the only type available where I shop.  Green grapes would look much nicer I think.

Here is the quick recipe –

  • 1 pkt Jelly crystals
  • 1/2 cup hot water
  • 1 cup white mini marshmallows.

Stir together Jelly crystals and hot water until dissolved.  It might take quite a lot of stirring and you might even need to pop the bowl in the microwave for 20 or 30 seconds to help it to dissolve. Once dissolved stir in the marshmallows until dissolved into the jelly (you might need the microwave’s help again). Set in a well greased slice tray for 1 hour or more.  I cut these into 2.5 cm strips but I think next time I would taper them down from 2.5 cm to about 1 cm so when rolled they look more like roses.

They taste a lot like soft jubes.  I used sugarless jelly crystals but you could use either I guess.  Be ready for a very sweet assault on your taste buds 🙂

I had some fun with these.

Bye for now,