Hi all,  I’m back from my wonderful holiday in China.  We were lucky enough to see some truly iconic Chinese buildings and sites.

These photos show part of the Xi’an City Wall.

china 1

china 2

Xi’an was originally a walled city, and even today the wall divides the city. The city wall is enormous. The South and North Gates are the 2 main entrances to the inner city. The wall was erected in the 14th century Ming Dynasty.  A moat runs around the walls. There is a huge drawbridge. The wall, after its enlargement in the Ming Dynasty, stands 12 metres high, 12–14 metres wide across the top, 15–18 metres thick at bottom, and 13.7 kilometres in length.  There is a tower every 120 meters. The towers were built to allow soldiers to see enemies trying to climb the wall. The distance between the towers is within the range of arrows fired from either side. This allowed soldiers to protect the entire wall without exposing themselves to the enemy.

I will catch up another day but for now I should continue with the unpacking.