Another year older …. not sure about wiser. 🙂

Instead of the usual birthday cake I made a blueberry yogurt cheese cake …. yummy.  Last weekend I made a lemon (non dairy) cake….. delish.   So you see I got to celebrate twice. Lucky old me.


Here are some gorgeous flowers  I  received –


Tulips at this time of the year.  How do they do that?


Beautiful bouquet with proteas, roses, gerberas, etc.


Who remembers this game.  When  I was a child – a few years ago now 🙂 my family on my mum’s side would all gather at our home on Christmas Eve and one of the things we did each year was play Chinese Checkers.  It was a tradition and everyone loved it.  My grandfather was quite serious about it and you had to have adult help until you could play properly.   Now perhaps we will be able to carry on that tradition for our family.

Thank you to my family and friends for the good wishes.

Bye for now,