This will be the last Tag post for the time being.  You probably would like to see something different by now.  Do you want to guess what the themes were for January and February or will I just tell you?


Well January’s theme was “Beach/Ocean”.  I remembered I had several mermaid stamps from a while ago from the stamp company “CC Designs”. The mermaid I decided on was “Shimmer Redkelp”.  I chose her because of the size of the stamp.  It fitted nicely on the tag.

Remembering that I had them and finding them were 2 different things.  That begs the question – how do you store your rubber and clear stamps?  I’m struggling to find the best method.  Currently I put them under the stamp company name but then you have to remember what you have and who designed them.  I have a LOT of stamps so that is a real problem.


February’s theme was “orange”.  Pretty wide open that one. I struggled……  Finally I decided to use a bird stamp which the colour orange could be added to.  As I said I struggled.


I have more tags made up but I will show you some other cards first so you have some variety.

Bye for now,