I know I haven’t been blogging lately and I’m sorry about that, but I have been doing some interesting things all the same.

Three weeks ago our ds and family came down to Victoria for a visit.  The boys went to the Grand Prix and the girls went to Imax and lunch at Lygon Street so we were all happy.

grandprix      fountain

Almost 2 weeks ago I was scanning through my emails and came across some very interesting information.  The Brisbane Stitches & Craft Show was having demonstrations of a craft product which I am really keen to find out more about – “Powertex”.  It is a fabric hardener and I have seen some beautiful projects made with it. On the spur of the moment I decided I would go.  Before I could change my mind I booked my flight and exhibition tickets for 2 days time.  I’m really pleased I went and it was kind of exciting for me to do something so spontaneous, not like me at all.  See Ashley’s blog by clicking on one of her photos below –

Also at the exhibition was a stand dedicated to the ANZAC poppies.  By the end of the day the display was much fuller.


Last Friday my dh and I went to the Melbourne Garden Show.  The day started off very drizzly and we were a bit worried that the weather might spoil our day.  As it turned out the weather was perfect for doing a lot of walking, which we did.  It was overcast but didn’t rain, so mild and pleasant.


My dh husband loves lucadendrons and proteas so he was pretty impressed with this display.


Loved this display garden with the metal screening and tiger.


What a great idea to use recycled wooden pallets.


No need for words – just beautiful.


Cyclamens, Nerines and others small plants made a beautiful display.


Just had to take a photo of this door mat.  Of course it is advertising Jack Daniels, but it is perfect for my dear little Grandson 🙂

Well it was a long post but you are almost up-to-date with what has been happening here.  More soon.