We have many, many, many “wascally wabbits” on our property, so it’s quite a common occurrence to see them hopping around just outside our windows.  There are hares too but they usually keep their distance but not this dopey young leveret.  It just loped down our driveway and didn’t seem too concerned that someone was watching him from the kitchen window.


I really didn’t know much about hares and how different they are to rabbits so I went investigating on the web.  This site seemed to have an easy explanation of the differences if you are interested.


When I typed “wascally wabbit” I was reminded of my childhood when these characters were very popular on TV.  Who else felt sorry for poor old Elmer, he had no idea did he?

Elmer Fudd..that wascally wabbit<3     https://i2.wp.com/teetee199thlibpowmia69.webs.com/A_bugs018.GIF

Bye for now,