I’m feeling very guilty about my lack of posts over the last few months.  Since my dm passed away I’ve been having trouble with motivation.  So today I thought I would show you some art by the youngest of my grandsons who has no lack of imagination.  Last week his kinder organized an art exhibition (such a cute idea).  You could buy the art which was displayed and there was a raffle with prizes.  Of course I was really only interested in gs’s paintings but I looked at all of the budding artist’s work.  Here are my gs’s paintings –


The sun of course!


A car – no of course not a truck


The one I chose after careful consideration was an abstract “Nature”.  I think I might be able to display this quite well.   🙂   I’ll show you the final product in a future post.

Well done to the Kinder for their originality in their choice of fundraising. Congrats to my young up-and-coming artist. star

Bye for now,