I know I’ve shown you photos of Sydney before but I hope you will enjoy these too.  Last weekend we went to Sydney with some of our family.  It was youngest grandson’s first time on a plane and first time to Sydney.  We all enjoyed ourselves, who wouldn’t with the gorgeous scenery and fabulous weather.

A few trees to show you first off –

Down by Circular Quay – Jacarandas


The next tree was at Taronga Zoo – Is it possibly a “tree waratah”?  Can anyone tell me?


A tree of a different type.  This is the Swarovski Christmas Tree in the Queen Victoria Building.  It spans three floors. This year the tree has over 144, 000 sparkling Swarovski crystal ornaments and 60,000 twinkling lights.  Over forty hours and 72 construction technicians commit three days to installing it.


A beautiful window also in the Queen Victoria Building.


Madame Tussauds, Darling Harbour.  Does anyone in Australia remember this man (the one on the left I mean – Graham Kennedy).  In the background you can just see Harold Bishop from Neighbours.


Cathy Freeman from the Sydney Olympics with Layne Beachley and dgs surfing.


We loved “Wicked” it really was fun.


The weather was great and lots of people were enjoying their weekend at the beach – Bondi Beach.


We did lots of walking and our dgs was terrific he hardly missed a beat.

We saw lots more including Australia vs Sth Africa in the 20/20 Cricket but I think that you get an idea of the lovely weekend we had.

Bye for now,