In Australia it is Father’s Day today. We were having morning tea together but apart from that we had no big plans. As it turns out DH had a great day.  2 of the grandchildren and their dad came out to our home to fly some kites which we had bought in Japan.  It was a windy and sunny spring day, just perfect for kites.  There is plenty of room around us uninterrupted with power lines or other hazards.  Unfortunately I didn’t think to take photos  😦 .  The next bit of news I did think to take photos.

The GS asked if they could all go fishing in our dam.  Next thing I know GS is calling out that he had caught a “whopper”.  GS being only 4, I wasn’t sure how big a “whopper” was, but it really was huge.


A beautiful Rainbow Trout and SIL was very happy with it, but GD doesn’t look too thrilled does she.   She thought it was a bit “yucky” I think.


Now usually this story would have a very happy ending with everyone enjoying a delicious meal but not this time.  Our dear old dog (who hardly gets off her bed nowadays) found the fish and ran off with it and buried it for later when she was hungry.  😦 .  There weren’t any tears but they were close.   Luckily I had taken some photos so they still have bragging rights.

Bye for now,