I’m back from 3 days visiting my son and his children.  It was a lovely long weekend.  The weather was a glorious 24 – 26°C.

We went to the football at the Metricon Stadium and were very impressed with the stadium and fans.  For a new club they are doing well.

Here are the Sun’s players doing their stretches before the game.  A young team.


Wow this is what you want to see – encouraging fans right from babies (just some of the very keen fans).  Does that look like a pie? 😆


Here is my granddaughter with Suns team t-shirt and red and gold hair 🙂


It was fun watching my grandson showing his tricks on his skate board and scooter.


It was so relaxing just sitting on the deck watching all the birds in the trees.  Butcher birds, varieties of parrots, magpies, finches, and nasty miners are some of the birds which live in the trees around their home.  Bats flying in at dusk were a bit disconcerting at first.


Sorry this photo is not terribly sharp.  This parrot was about 30 cm (1′) long and such a vivid colour (King Parrot – perhaps).  It was eating the fruit off the trees.  Are they figs? (I’ve been told that it is a Loquat tree)

The only sad thing about this visit was that when we got back down south to our home the temperature was 11°C and raining. Brrrr.

Bye for now,