Here in my part of Australia it seldom snows, even though we do have cold weather it is rarely cold enough to snow.  We all turn into little kids again when it does snow even if only briefly.  🙂  This photo was taken at our house about 4 days ago.  So pretty


The following 3 days we have woken to very heavy frosts but when the frost melts we have had beautiful blue skies.  I don’t care if it is cold as long as there are blue skies.  It makes me hopeful that winter is on its way out.

The second seldom seen thing is this spectacular cake.


We had a lovely engagement party to attend yesterday and this is the amazing cake.  The cake and stunning icing peonies and flowers were made by the VERY TALENTED sister of the engaged couple.  How many hours do you think it would have taken her?  I couldn’t even hazard a guess.


Look at the beautiful ombre effect in the peonies.  Spectacular.  Can you tell I was very impressed? 😀  The engaged couple looked just as beautiful, handsome and happy too.  It was a lovely day.

Bye for now,