Over the last week or so I’ve made a couple of cards which had quite large flowers and embellishments on them.  If I had posted them in a normal envelope the flowers would have been totally squashed – not what you want when you have spent a lot of time to make them look pretty.  I wanted to make a box which could still look and work as an envelope.  Here is what I came up with –




You can make these to suit any size card.  The central rectangle is made to fit the card with a cm to spare all round.  Width ways you have  2 cm, 2 cm, the centre measurement, 2 cm, 2 cmLength ways from the top you have approximately 1⁄3 of the centre measurement, 2 cm, the centre measurement, 2 cm, approximately ¾ of the centre measurement plus 1 or 2 cm for overlap.  Round the corners.


Decorate the outside of the box with matching papers.


I made a “belly band” to keep this box closed and it is easily slipped off to get the card.


This envelope box has magnets to keep it closed which are hidden under the flower.


The card slips neatly into the box and looks rather sweet as it is removed.


Once again the card slips in neatly even though the card is an odd shape.

I think they look as pretty as they are useful.

Bye for now,