I have started to go through our photos from Japan and thought I should share a few more with you.


The Senso-ji Buddhist Temple in Tokyo is one of the most famed temples in all of Japan.


These lovely girls in traditional clothes were happy for me to take their photos.


We visited “KidZania” in Tokyo.  It has more than 90 different activities for Kids to choose from.  Here our grandchildren chose to learn about making ice cream.  They had to wear hair nets and caps and aprons. They learned about washing their hands and hygiene etc.  After performing this they were able to pipe a soft serve ice cream for themselves.  What fun!    Some of the other careers they could try were beautician, inventor, fireman, policeman, bride & groom, engineer, construction worker, fashion designer etc, etc, etc.


Rickshaws for the tourists.


Ninna-ji Temple’s 5 storied pagoda (above) and below a view through one of the circular windows in the former residence of the head priest.  The zen was evident in this place.



We went to the Tokyo National Museum and that was one of my high lights.  It made you realize just how old their culture is.  This is a photo Shakōki-dogū  (1000–400 BCE) (BC – wow!!!), “goggle-eyed type” figurine.  A Japanese woman was looking at this figurine when I approached and she was very excited to tell me that the figurine had “goggles” and that it was very mysterious because this was well before glasses were invented and that made it was from the heavens.  I think she was trying to tell me he was an alien.  Her husband just shook his head and walked off, but she was very excited to tell me (perhaps something was lost in translation) 🙂


Sagano Bamboo Grove – wonderful.  It is in a UNESCO World Heritage area.  You really can’t tell the scale from this photo.  The bamboo was at a guess 10 metres (about 34 feet) high and the diameter was about 180 mms (perhaps 8 inches) at the base.


Japanese seem to love their ice cream and there are lots of shops specializing in just that.  We sat in this shop and enjoyed very refreshing ice cream.  Unusually most of the ice creams sit on top of  corn flakes.  Surprisingly it seems to go well together.  The staff in this store were dress traditionally and were happy to pose for a photo.  Our little grand daughter’s red hair made her very popular and everyone wanted to be her friend. 😆

We had a wonderful time and recommend Japan as a friendly and safe place to visit.

Bye for now,