We have had a break in the freezing weather with a string of mild Autumn days, so we are all enjoying probably the last spell of autumn for this year.  We have picked mushrooms and loved eating them, but this is something different and beautiful but perhaps not for eating.  While driving to town my husband spotted these on the side of the road and took photos for me to put on the blog.

Can anyone tell me the name of these toadstools?  I can’t imagine that they are edible but can someone tell me if they are as poisonous (although beautiful) as they look?


Apparently this was about 25 cm (10 inches) diameter.



I love this photo, thanks dh.   Reminds me of magic and fairies.  Having said that I would like to show you the fairies at the bottom of my garden 😆


One of our dgs’s have given us all sorts of toadstools, fairies and lights to make a “fairy garden” so cute.


Sorry about the weeds in the photo (I’m NOT a keen gardener, but I love it to look pretty – so poor dh does the work when he gets time).


Hope you enjoyed these photos from some lovely autumnal weather we are having here.

Bye for now,