What a beautiful day it was yesterday for Mother’s Day.  The weather really smiled on us.  As well as being Mum’s day it was also the Heritage Weekend here in Ballarat.

We took a ride with our youngest gs and family on a steam train, such fun.  Here is a photo I took from the bridge at the station of the new and the old.



Next we went to the Art Gallery to see the knitted tartan berets my dsil Jenny had for sale at the “Auld Lang Syne” exhibition.


Such a beautiful entrance to the Art Gallery and my dgs thought the stairs were great.


Then we spent some time on the double-decker bus looking at some of the beautiful buildings in our great city.  (Sorry the photos had to be taken through glass because the windows wouldn’t open).


There were concert bands playing from balconies and musicians on the streets – wonderful.



Vintage and classic cars parked around the city too.


I also went to heritage markets, and displays.  The only thing I missed which I would have liked to see was the vintage apron display.  Time ran out.

It was a lovely day and it was easy to see in your mind the figures from the past promenading around the streets on such a day.

Bye for now,