A very happy reason to make a card, a young couple are engaged.  I don’t believe they would be the “sweet and soppy” type of card people (of course I could be completely wrong) but I wanted to make something pretty.  I hope I’ve achieved the happy medium with this card.  It sort of matches the present (not the wrapping) in style.



I would like to show you the wrapping of the gift.  The store I bought this at wraps so beautifully and there would have been more to this – big bow type of embellishment, but for the fact that I have to post the gift.

wrap     wrap1

I also bought another gift at the same store and this is how it was wrapped.    Don’t they just do a spectacular job?  First it was wrapped with blue paper then wrapped again with clear and white swirl plastic, a strip of white gloss and finally aqua ribbon.  I can imagine a big white bow on the first gift with aqua tie if only I didn’t have to post it.

Well I’m off to the post office now.

Bye for now,