Driving home this morning I was listening to the ABC on the car radio.  One of the items was about “5000 poppies” a project which 2 women from Melbourne have commenced.  Here is the link to their blog if you are interested to help or just would like to know more.

In a nut shell 2 women began a small project to make 5,000 poppies for ANZAC day 2015 (next year).  The response has been so amazing that their aim now is to have 25,000 poppies by then.  It has struck a chord with people from all over the world and they are receiving 100’s of handmade poppies from near and far.  This photo is from their blog showing the poppy goal.


I’m feeling quite sentimental this year so this project is inspiring me to get the needles out.  Don’t know what I will make yet, can’t crochet so that is out, but I can knit and using other materials sounds interesting.  The only restrictions are size and water proof.  All the information including drop off points is available on the site.

Take a look at what it is all about and you might feel inspired too (click here).

Anyone interested or have patterns?  Hope so.  Let me know.

Bye for now,