Our family went to the footy on Saturday because 2 of the teams that we barrack for were playing.  Didn’t matter that they are the 2 furthest from the top of the ladder ie. bottom 😦

Here are some photos from our day out at the MCG.


A DEMONS supporter 🙂  (Melbourne)


A BLUES supporter 🙂 (Carlton)


A BLUES supporter (but I’d rather do anything else but watch the game)

The crowd was  30,00 which I guess isn’t a bad size but the MCG holds 90,000+ so it only seemed to be a small crowd.


Neither team had won a match this season (and we were into the 4th round).  Here is the final score.


We had a great time, the sun was shining and at least half the family was happy with the result.  No the result didn’t really matter to us it was good to be together for a fun day.

Bye for now,