It’s a hard life but someone has to do it…. te he he 😆  Last week my dh and I flew to the Gold Coast, Queensland to babysit for our son’s 2 children.  They are both at school now so after they were dropped at school at 8:30 am we were free to do whatever we liked until pick up time at 3 pm.  The first day we meandered from Broadbeach down along the coast to Coolongatta.  We stopped at most beaches along the way but this was my favourite –


Looking north towards Surfers Paradise.  How wonderful, superb beaches with hardly a soul on them.


Looking south with Coolangatta in the far distance.


The beach was only used by a few surfers, paddle boarders and walkers.  You might spot a few black spots in the water, they are surfers waiting for a good wave.


I was very impressed by this section of the coast because of the beach and also because the traffic was minimal.  I told my son that I loved Nobby’s beach.  He said I had very expensive taste and that it was one of the dearest spots on the Gold Coast for property.  Then my second choice was Kira, once again expensive taste. 😦

The day before we flew home we went to a restaurant at Broadbeach and this was our meal –


A small crayfish, Morton Bay bugs, scallops, prawns, mussels, oysters, baby octopus, calamari, fish, chips, salad and fruit.  Wow our jaws dropped!  It was supposed to be for 4 but I think 6 would be more like it.

Now back to normal life and card making.

Bye for now,