Let’s see if you can guess where we went for the quick break last weekend.  Here are some clues –

syd  syd6

Lunar (Chinese) New Year                         Amazing “glue” balloons had the kids enthralled

syd1   syd3

Some lovely old buildings

syd2        syd8

Who is this looking down her nose at me?     and     Who is this looking towards a bright future?

Of course you have guessed by now.  I did try to make it a bit obscure adding the “China Town” photos first, but of course it is Sydney.Did you guess Queen Victoria and Captain Cook?

If I had put these photos first you would have guessed too easily 😉

syd4     syd5

The weather was beautiful and our mini site-seeing cruise and “hop-on  hop-off” bus tour were lovely  but the excuse reason we flew to Sydney was this –


On Sunday we caught a “ferry”out to Olympic Park (where the Olympics were held in 2000) to watch the last game of International T20 cricket “Australia vs England”.

syd10     syd11

England’s “huddle” before the game      Lehmann (Australian coach) talking to the team  before the game

syd13   syd12

Finch (“of course he is Victorian”) walking to the crease     Plenty of entertainment when a “6” was hit.

A great night, the temperature was in the mid 20’s and a happy crowd with Australia finishing of the English tour with another convincing win. :]

Bye for now,