Warning Will Robinson – photo overload. (I apologize if you are too young to know where the “warning” phrase comes from).

Here are some photos from our Christmas holidays. . .   Just skip to the end if you’re not interested, I have a quick and easy project to show you there.


Our grandchildren were very excited to see a “pirate” ship was visiting again this year.  We arrived just as they were about to cast anchor.


Here it goes heading out to sea under motor (pirate ships don’t have motors do they?).


Then they put up some of the sails.


The carnival was in town again.  Someone told us that it has been set up every Christmas for 50 years.  It was as tacky as ever but kids always love it, first our children and now our grandchildren.


We went strawberry picking again and they were delicious but I think this little fellow thought he was expected to eat them all.  We did eat quite a few but I made some jam with most of them.  It was a microwave recipe and it was so simple but I’m told the ease didn’t detract from the flavour.


Kite flying was on the agenda too.  The “squid” kite is always a winner.  It doesn’t have any fancy moves but it goes up easily and stays there.


The fighting kite is a different matter.  The only thing it fights is the operator.


Finally they flew together for a short time.

Now for crafty photos


I made some magnetic note pads for my “schoolie” friends.


I save any free advertising fridge magnets that I get and recycle them on these types of projects.  Simply cut them into strips and glue the printed side to the back of the pad – easy and a good way to recycle them.


I hope they have been put up on the fridge for all those notes we need to make as we get older 😀

Bye for now,