Today I made 2 more Christmas cards.  These took me all day, so not as quick and easy as the last group of cards but I enjoyed colouring these cute images.


I just received this cute stamp from Whiff of Joy “Elf Maya & Kitty writing Santa’s list” yesterday and I was excited to try it out asap.


I still have a few more cards to make and I think they will be finished tomorrow.  The next run of cards are quick and easy, or at least I hope they will be.

Seeing this cute image reminded me to show you a couple of super cute photos of my dear old mum and my grandson, her great-grandson, taken earlier this week.

m & j 13a

Both had just eaten part of mum’s Christmas present, chocolates, and were looking quite pleased with themselves.

m & j 13

Mum was busy opening her chocolates and ggs got the next best job of opening the card.

I’ll be back soon with more Christmas cards and family photos.

Bye for now,