Good morning to you on this lovely spring day.  I have been preoccupied lately trying to cull my craft room.  I’m quite proud that I’ve halved my paper hoard.  It was very difficult, I didn’t want to give any away, but I’ve done it now.  The room still looks a mess but now its only a matter of finding suitable storage for everything.  I find that paper is the most difficult to store and then those little bits and pieces, what do you do with those?  I still have quite a bit to do but from where I started I’m pleased.

As I glanced through my blog today I realized that it has been over 2 months since I’ve entered a card challenge (7 Sept to be exact).  Can you believe that?  Well I think the sun and blue skies have inspired me again and today I am entering the challenge over at SOME ODD GIRL “Speech Bubbles”.


For this card I’ve used the clear stamp “Flirty Mae” from Some Odd Girl.  I’ve also used a speech bubble so the card meets the challenge rules.  I enjoyed this competition.

 Created by Lorraine  

Mae is coloured with Copics.  I hope you can see the texture I’ve added to her clothes by using the clear blender liquid on some material then dabbed over the coloured Copic image.


From the side to show you the layers more clearly.

So there is my first card for a challenge in 2 months.  I must say I really enjoyed myself and I must do more of it. 🙂

I thought I would also show you this beautiful Crimson Rosella (Red Lowry) which was on our lawn (really shouldn’t call it a lawn – grass is a better term) yesterday afternoon.  We have quite a few of them visiting at the moment, they love our dandelions 🙂 and then in a couple of months they love our fruit trees :(.


Can you see his claw holding the dandelion.  He is almost finished eating one flower but there are plenty of others for his friends.

Bye for now,