Our family lunch this time had the theme of Halloween.  I found a lot of photos and recipes for Halloween on the web especially Pinterest and of course I had to try some.  We were first time Halloweenians 🙂 so we were a bit excited to try the food.  Here are my photos –

scary  scary8  scary4

scary1  scary3  scary2

scary9  scary11  scary12

I’ve put a little clip on YouTube from our day.  Grandma was showing the grandies a magic drink (well not so magic but to under 4 year olds it was amazing) 😆  It was just ice cream added to fizzy raspberry drink.  Grandma must have looked very “dodgy” dressed as Morticia  Addams (I had taken off the wig by then) because the eldest was very wary of this magic and wanted me to take a drink before he was willing to take a sip – wonderful.  The 2 littlies were quite keen but were warned by their big brother/cousin.  he he he

We had fun!

Bye for now,