Hello everyone. I have been busy making some little “Easel Card / Drawer” gifts for 6 women who haven’t seen each other as a group for about 35 years – gasp :O:

We were the form of 5C1. Yes there were only 7 girls in the form, a very small group that year. A couple of us had kept in touch because our children went to the same school but after our children left school we had lost touch.

Tomorrow we are meeting at a restaurant here in Ballarat which will be lovely. I’m a bit excited.  Here are the 6 little gifts which I have JUST finished – talk about leaving it almost to the last-minute.


The next photo is of 3 of the card/drawers standing up as easel cards.




The next photo shows the drawer open with the goodies inside.  As well as the chocolates I will include a small photo from our school days and a form we can all fill in with our phone nos. email, etc. so we can keep in touch.


Finally these photos show you the card folded down and a pretty bow added to keep it neat for gift giving.




Phew I’m glad I finished these in time for our reunion.

Bye for now,