When we went to the “Quilt & Craft Exhibition” in Melbourne we were thrilled to see the tea cosies made by Loani Prior.  They are so much fun!  Have you seen her work?  Rhonda and I bought a book each and have started with a cosy which we thought might be a good one for beginners called “Hanky Panky” .  This pattern is all squares so no need for a circular needle.  We purchased some cheap wool in case we had lost the knitting knack.  I was hoping to have a photo of both of our tea cosies but I think Rhonda might be too busy to catch up at the moment and I got impatient to show you so here is mine and when I catch up with my friend I’ll show you her cosy.




I have started on a different project now but once that is finished I will be deciding on another cosy – I luv ’em.

It might seem strange me making tea cosies because I’m not a tea drinker but there are people out there who will be getting gifts.

Bye for now,