When I went to visit my mum today she had some visitors.  I’ll show you the 8 week old first – such a cutie.
mum visitor2

Beautiful Border Collie pups.  Here is my mum giggling as the 3 week old snuggled into her.  It’s not a very flattering photo of mum because the puppy had tugged at her jumper a bit, but I still love the photo because she was so happy.

mum and visitor

I asked her if she liked dogs and she said “they’re ok”.  Then I asked is she a dog or cat person and she said “definitely cat”.  Well that was news to me :).

They only stayed a while which was a shame but they had others to visit.  Before they arrived she had been snoozing in her chair but the visitors brightened her up immensely.  It just showed me how pets can play a big part in our lives.

Bye for now,