Have I told you before that every 2nd month our family (or at least some of our family in Ballarat) get-together for a themed lunch.  Well if I haven’t, we do.  This time the theme was “Queen’s Birthday” because here last week was a long weekend to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday.

This is the sponge I cooked for our dessert –


I saw this idea on the web and loved it straight away – a Union Jack(ish) sponge.  ALL healthy, well except for the cream, sponge and raspberry jam, the raspberries and blue berries were healthy anyway.  😆


The menu was – Pork “Crown” Roast, Sponge (as above),  Pink Soda Pop Cake cut into crown shapes with jelly diamantes,  strawberry jelly slice with strawberries, which were supposed to look like hearts but floated around before the jelly set and were all askew.  We also had all sorts of red drinks – wine, cranberry juice and creamy soda.  We had some crowns to wear and of course I wore some faux pearls.  We played music from “Queen” and played some royal games.

I really enjoy these days and am now looking forward to the next occasion (which by the way is themed “Book Week”).

Bye for now,