Too many “f’s” not to put an f in photos – sorry but my silly sense of humour couldn’t resist.

Some of the family went to the AFL football in Melbourne on Sunday.  It was a very one-sided match but that didn’t matter, for me it’s the atmosphere and enjoying the grandchildren’s reactions.  Here are a couple of photos of grandies and I taken at half-time.

Ivy and G'ma Footy May 2013 2nd

Julian and Grandma Footy May 2013

You can see that the children were happy and enjoying the experience.  When either team scored a goal our little fellow would call out “hooray – go Blues”, really had no idea what was happening but just enjoying everyone’s success.  It was a lovely family day out.  It would be such a shame if all of the drug scandals associated with football at the moment spoilt such an iconic Australian sport.

Bye for now,