It was my elder ds’s birthday last week and of course I made him a card.  He and his family have been very busy, in fact as busy as beavers ;), renovating their recently purchased home.  The people who previously owned the house were very old and had let their large block become VERY overgrown.  There were trees and shrubs absolutely everywhere.  Since my son has moved in he has cut, loped and trimmed trees, but there are so many you can only tell if you saw it at the beginning of the transformation.  This is what I based my card for his birthday on.  he he he 😆


This little fellow has been very busy – see his progress in the photos below.




One down …..


Two down.


Trying to show you all the layers on this card – let me just say there are many. Had lots of layers to allow the trees to swivel and fall easily.  Unlike real trees these can stand up again straight away.


Hope he enjoyed his birthday and found the humour in the card.

Bye for now,