Wondering if anyone would be interested in a ……. can’t think of the right word – not a workshop (too formal), not get-together (too informal) – an opportunity to have some crafty time together.  I would provide the venue, materials, and the instructions/guidance to make several papercraft items.  At this stage I’m thinking –

  • corner bookmark
  • tag
  • a few cards (different techniques – hopefully new to you).

This would be held in Ballarat, Australia so if you don’t live nearby don’t read on (sorry :() .  If there is any interest from further away I might be able to post out kits – who knows.

I would charge a very basic amount (I’m thinking $5 or so just to cover the materials).  At this stage I’m thinking a Saturday afternoon sometime in June.

I already have 2 “goers” and I think the most crafters I could take at one time would be 6.

Over the next few days I will give you more idea of what we might be creating (sneaky peeks as I complete the projects).  In the meantime if you are interested feel free to add a comment to this post or email me, some idea if there is any interest would be good.  It will be first in/first invited.

Any interest?

Get back to you in a couple of days.