I saw the above quote on the web and had to use it somewhere in this post, so why not the heading.  Does knitting count as exercise? 😛

There are one or two shows on TV at the moment which I like to watch (not usually the case).  So that I had something to do while watching the shows I decided to do some knitting.  As I was walking through “Lincraft” to go to the craft section I noticed some pretty wool and asked the shop assistant if there was a pattern for a scarf for this wool “Lincraft – Elsa Ruffle Yarn”.  She said that the pattern was on the label.  Yes it was so simple there was enough room on the label.


It is such a simple pattern but it turns out so pretty.


I have seen quite a few of these around, have you?  Here is the link on YouTube by Lincraft showing how to knit this ruffle yarn.


It only took me one evening and one ball of yarn to finish the knitting then I only had to sew in the ends the next night.  Now what am I going to do while I watch my programs on TV?


The old saying “Idle hands are the devil’s tools” could be right in my case because the pantry is very near the TV and evening snacking is very tempting.  Any suggestions – what do you do while you are watching TV?

Bye for now,