Months ago a well-known soft-drink manufacturer brought out a smaller can size.  I bought one dozen.  I haven’t seen them in the supermarket since and I can only assume that they weren’t popular so have been discontinued.  They were such a cute size that I didn’t want to just put them in the recycling bin, surely I could use them for a project.  Well here is what I came up with –


Are you laughing? Yes I’m probably crazy but I think they are cute.  They are skittles for my grandchildren to play with.

recyc 3

I love their faces.  Each one is slightly different.  Just like us, they all have different reactions to the thought of being “bowled over”.

recyc 2

recyc 1

The one with its tongue poking out is my favourite.  My family has a “gene” ? which makes some of us poke our tongue out when we are concentrating 🙄 – not saying who!

recyc 5

I’ve placed a bell in each can so when they fall they will jingle.  Their hats are made from styrene balls which were cut in half.

recyc 6

The skittles will be tested on Sunday when 3 of the grandies come for lunch.

Bye for now,