I don’t have a card to show you today but I do have some cute Easter hunt photos of 3 of my grandchildren.

easter kids

Do you notice the number of eggs in the baskets?  It seems that the older you get the more eggs you find (I hate to think what size basket I would need to hold all the eggs I would collect for my age :lol:).  From left to right their ages are 1½, 2½ and 3½.  Happy little sweeties.  I should assure you that they wouldn’t eat all the eggs themselves, parents and grandparents were more than happy to help out.  Some of the eggs were plastic and had healthy treats inside and there were also fluffy chickens to help fill their baskets.


This basket has already been attacked and the result is pure joy.

Jack egg

The wonder of it all.  I think that is number 10.


Am I missing any?  I’d better keep looking.

See you soon with another baby card.

Bye for now,