As soon as I spotted this stamp I just knew that I had to buy it.  I was already imagining the card I would make and who it would be for.  A bit of an impulse buy but so pleased that I bought it.


The stamp is from Art Impressions “UM4102 – Happy Birthday to the Lawn Ranger”


It is a centre fold card.  Click here if you would like to see another centre fold card I’ve made with links to tutorials.

We usually just give a block of chocolate or similar for birthday presents but I know they are trying not to eat chocolate at the moment so I had to think of a new idea.  His favourite cake is “Madeira” so I made a couple of mini cakes.  Had to test the first one because I hadn’t made this before.  DH assured me it was nice – good, gift problem solved.  I didn’t have to ice it because DH said that the “birthday boy” doesn’t like icing on it and that as children he would give my dh the icing off the cakes to eat.


I bought a plastic container to package it in – not very pretty so of course I had to decorate it.


Luckily the cake fitted perfectly.  Here is the finished ensemble.


He seemed pleased with the card and cake.  Hope he is enjoying it.


Happy Birthday dear Lawn Ranger, Happy Birthday to you.  Hi ho silver power rider and away!

Bye for now,