While we were on Bruny Island, Tasmania, we visited several small businesses and they were wonderful.  One shop we visited was the Bruny Island Providore and they sold all sorts of sweetness.  I bought a small box of Persian Fudge.  It wasn’t so much what was in the box but the box itself which interested me.


I loved the shape of the box so I decided to reproduce my own version.  The first thing I HAD to do was empty the box, not a problem 😆


The second thing I did was disassemble the packet and trace around the shape and take measurements.

In case you are interested in making a Trapezium box I have drawn up a template (not to scale).  edited – (I had missed a measurement on the original template and I have replaced it with this copy of the template with the extra measurement)


Here is my version –


and various steps along the way to the final product



I couldn’t decide which way to turn it, have the smaller rectangle at the top or bottom.



I made a rosette to put on the top, added some leave and three buttons – finished.  Then I decided to make a little card to go along with the box.


Here is my final set.


It is amazing what information your brain stores.  When I was thinking about a title for today’s post “Trapezium” sprang to mind but I really didn’t know why.  I looked it up on the web (my spelling was a bit off) and I couldn’t believe that what I had made was a Trapezium.  That must have been stored in a “cobwebby” corner of my brain from when I was at school and girls had to do a term of “Graphic Communications” (ugh) and boys had to do a term of “Home Economics”.  The days of feminism!!!!

That’s all for now,