All day the wind had been very blustery but I hadn’t taken any notice because I was at my dh’s office in Ballarat and then I came home and headed straight into my craft room.  I was doing some “research” (looking at pretty blogs) 🙄 on the computer when at about 3:30 I turned my head to look out of the kitchen window.  Oh goodness a fire on Mt Warrenheip – not very far from here.  The wind was whipping the fire up over the hill.

I grabbed my camera and went to take a photo.  Just as I was focusing the camera lightning flashed over the mountain.  Now wouldn’t that have been a shot.


It seemed to be contained when all of a sudden numerous spot fires broke out further up the hill, embers flamed by the wind I guess.


You can just see one of the spot fires in this photo I think.


When I looked to the right I could see a storm front coming from the west and hear thunder.  In this photo the black clouds on the left are smoke from the fire and on the right are black stormy clouds.


Then I turned 180º and on the left were more stormy clouds and ahead smoke from another fire in the distance.

When dh arrived home at 5:30 he was amazed to see that we had only had a few drops of rain, not even enough to register in the rain gauge.  He said that he thought the fire would be out because in Ballarat the roads were flooded.  They had received 28 millimetres in less than ½ hour.  We would have loved to see some of that here, we are only 10 kms away.

So what an afternoon!

Bye for now.  I’ll see you tomorrow when I post my gs’s birthday card.